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Join us for a casual, fun show with Jumpers, Equitation, Hunter and Pleasure classes. Starts at 9am. Jumper classes first with a beginner division and then Puddles at 2' through Lows at 3'. Next are beginner equitation classes (walk/trot, w/t/c and cross rails and low verticals). We added a second section to our Intermediate Equitation where the students only canter one at a time and also only go over two jumps. Next up will be our Beginner Pleasure division, which is open to anyone in first three equitation divisions. Then we'll have an Open Equitation division followed by an Open Pleasure divison. Last up are our two Hunter divisions. One at 21" and one 2'-2'3". Lots of parking. Food available for sale by Jenner Brunk.

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2018 show dates:

June 16

July 28 - cancelled due to poor ring conditions

August 25

September 15 - cancelled due to incoming rain from Hurricane Florence

If you would like more information regarding the shows, or want to be added to our mailing list, please email Danielle or call her cell phone at 540-290-3731.





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